It’s sort of like the ever-existant-before-time-question that crawled out of the primordial soup and introduced itself to children to the bane of parents everywhere: “Are we there yet?” Only, I’ve been asking my poor husband if we can just leave… NOW? Oh, sure we still have things to do and prepare but the waiting feeling is exhausting. Not to mention the very unorganized feeling rolodex of a to do list in my head that never rests.

BUT, we get to go on a two month road trip in our Syncro! To the veteran overlanders out there this will seem like chump change. To us, it’s 4X the vacation we’ve ever taken at one time and we’re chomping at the bit to get going.

I’ve struggled with this blog persona a bit since we have a personal blog at that we typically keep for our travels. Am I DAS MULE or am I an XPLORINMARSHALL? I don’t want to write two. So, for those of you who have known us only as a business, you’re about to get a glimpse (read: maybe way more information than you ever wanted to know) into Dana and Joe Marshall — the team who created Das Mule. We’ll blog our trip and experiences here. Click the link to receive the feed. We depart Sunday.